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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Bad Luck - The House Always Wins In The End

I see that, despite the current belief in lifestyle being responsible for all ills and joys, it seems that sometimes good old fashioned "bad luck" has a part to play in our lives (something that Nanny cannot protect us from, or compensate us against).

Thirty one cancers were studied by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the US. Nine of which were found to be linked to lifestyle or genetic faults. The remaining 22 were mainly just the result of ‘bad luck,’ with DNA and behaviour only having a small impact.

Researchers found that two thirds of cancers are driven by random mistakes in cell division which are completely outside of our control.

The scientists claim that because it is impossible to prevent most types of cancer through behavioural changes or genetic screening.

Prof Hans Clevers, a stem cell and cancer biologist at the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is quoted by the Telegraph:

The average cancer patient is just unlucky.” 
I would also point out that, as with all games of chance, the longer you play them the greater the chance of something statistically significant happening (be it good or bad). Putting this into context of longer life, the longer you live the greater the chances of "the house" winning.
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  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Roy Castle really was a miserable, vindictive, little runt.

    He was told by numerous doctors that the cancer that he had could not be attributed to smoking, or ‘passive’ smoking (a term dreamt up just for him, I think).

    But nevertheless, HE had cancer, HE didn’t smoke, so therefore in his fucked up way of thinking, SOMEONE must have ‘given’ the cancer to him.

    What a cunt he was, and even now people point to the fact that he died as justification for smoking bans in public places.

    Paul McCartney and Cliff Richard used to play in smoky venues, and much bigger than the ones that Roy Castle used to frequent, and both of them are in their 70’s and looking reasonably good for their ages.

  2. Tonk.7:21 PM

    This story really caused Nanny to get her knickers in a twist.
    Within minutes of the story breaking, the state's broadcaster rounded up numerous "experts" to appear live and say people should still do as Nanny tells them and not to rely on this scientific study.

    I love it when Nanny's bossy world falls down around her ears.

    I was amused by another one of Nanny's "sisters" suggesting that a national statutory registration system for hair dressers be set up.....Because, put your beer down folks because you may get spillage when you laugh at Nanny's reasons, Nanny says anyone can set themselves up as a hair dresser and they use very sharp scissors and dangerous chemicals......It would of course raise some cash for Nanny with the registration fees etc.....Nanny, please, PISS OFF.