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Monday, August 14, 2017

Gender Neutral Shoes Pave The Way To Utopia!

Now that Nanny has sorted that "major injustice" out, she will turn her attention to the less pressing problems of world peace and an end to poverty and hunger!

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  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Watching the debacle that was the World Athletics Championship I could not help but notice that some of the female athletes were horrendous monsters.

    The Chinese women shot-putters were particularly gruesome but nothing could match the South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya.

    But even though these women are fucking awful, women are what they are.

    Gender is absolute, you are either one or the other, even though in a very few isolated cases it might take a doctor to prove either way.

    The term ‘gender neutral’ is therefore ridiculous and the whole idea is, in my opinion, quite sinister.

    Clark’s have been around as a shoe retailer for many decades. I remember being taken there as a kid.

    They should therefore, have a better idea than most on how to market their various products.

    If they had wanted to produce a shoe that would appeal to both boys and girls I am sure they would have done, and they would have named it appropriately and appealingly.

    But they wanted to appeal to little girls and so they named their shoes ‘Dolly Babe’, and as boys would not be seen dead in the style, I can see absolutely no problem with that.

  2. Anonymous8:03 PM

    "But they wanted to appeal to little girls and so they named their shoes ‘Dolly Babe’, and as boys would not be seen dead in the style, I can see absolutely no problem with that."

    But, no, no,no! Those named shoes will limit the aspirations of those little girls when they SHOULD want to be engineers (or IT software designers).

    I remember an experiment years ago when someone gave their son dolls and their daughter a tool set; the girl mothered the hammer even tucking it up 'in bed'; can't remember what the boy did (probably had the dolls killing each other as cowboys and indians and if it were today he'd be reported to the PC police for calling First Generation Americans "indians")

  3. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Clark's are a British institution and as such they have a duty to stand up to these PC nutters.

    Instead of renaming the shoes as CGNS1067386/2017B, they missed a trick by not calling them 'The Shoes Formerly Known As Dolly Babes'

  4. I'm so old I remember I used to wear Clarks Commandos when I was a kid :)

  5. To think that I have an MP, ex primary school teacher who seems to spend his expensive time in the HoC banging on about mental problems among the young. With the gender agitation going on, I am not surprised. Children are being abused by this brain washing from our supposedly conservative government.