Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 23, 2021

Nanny's Little List - #PingGate

Employers providing critical services can request an exemption for named employees who are fully vaccinated. The government says it is "not a blanket exemption for all workers in a sector".

The areas are:

  • Energy
  • Civil nuclear
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Food production and supply
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Essential chemicals
  • Essential transport
  • Medicines and medical devices
  • Clinical consumable supplies
  • Emergency services
  • Border control
  • Essential defence outputs
  • Local government

Supermarket depot workers and food manufacturers will be exempt whatever their vaccination status. Up to 10,000 workers could do daily testing instead. is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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