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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saucy Racism In Edinburgh

I see a Glaswegian is claiming a chip shop in Edinburgh (ironically one that I used to frequent during my student days) was racist because it wanted to charge him 25p for a sachet of tomato ketchup whereas a squirt of brown sauce (an Edinburgh staple) would be given for free.

As per the Edinburgh News Glasgow-born Tony Winters is taking his complaint to trading standards after the Gold Sea chippy tried to charge him 25p for a small sachet of Heinz 
tomato ketchup. He says he is being unfairly treated because he is Glaswegian and that that amounts to “racial discrimination”.

Feeling peckish, he went to the Gold Sea, Ferry Road, and ordered a sausage supper for himself, and a hamburger and fish supper, for his fiancĂ© and a friend. But he left with a real chip on his shoulder after staff told him there was a charge for his ketchup while the Edinburgh favourite –salt and sauce – was free.

He said:
I couldn’t believe it. Every chip shop I know gives ketchup free of charge. A condiment is a condiment. 

You can’t offer one customer brown sauce for nothing and then charge another for tomato sauce.

I said I thought it was racist that if you come from Edinburgh you can get brown sauce free but people from elsewhere, who like ketchup, have to pay. They just said it’s what they do.

We went to another chip shop and the guy was killing himself laughing when we told him. It reeks of racism. Just because we come from the west and tend to like ketchup instead of brown sauce. It’s clear they’re discriminating and I don’t think it’s right.”
How can you be racist against your own race?

Tis truly the silly season!

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  1. Tonk.1:27 PM

    Some people see racism everywhere; a whole new "industry" has sprung up because of it and some people have even got a peerage out of it.

    I really feel the sheeple that inhabit our country need to be told what racism actually is and, more importantly, what it is not.
    We need to educate people as to what racism is and what nationalism is. We also need to stop running to tell teacher (or Nanny) every time we are told no or we hear something we don't agree with.
    I am a white British, Catholic, hetrosexual male of Irish desent, who lives in a very middle class area in Berkshire, so of course, I am going to mix with and feel more comfortable around, those whom are similar to myself. That does not make me any kind of "ist, ism or phobe" it merely makes me human; something we all used to be before Nanny started to come up with thought crime.

    Message to the guy from Glasgow.....If you are too tight to pay five bob for your sauce, carry one with you which can be obtained, free of charge, from many cafes, gastro pubs and service areas; oh, and get a bloody life man!

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:08 PM

    "We need to educate people as to what racism is and what nationalism is. We also need to stop running to tell teacher (or Nanny) every time we are told no or we hear something we don't agree with."

    I agree 100% with you, Tonk! However, according to many of the anti-racist "experts" only those who are white and English are racist, same as only men are sexist. Not my view, I hasten to add! Instead of this kind of nonsense they should be expending their energies investigating real racism!

  3. ComfortyablyNumb1:43 PM

    I think brown sauce should be banned altogether. Come on Nanny save us all from this scourge!

  4. For God's sake, Glaswegian, grow up. Presumably your idea of a balanced diet is an identical portion of chips on each shoulder. (Incidentally, as you may guess from the name, most of my ancestors were Scottish.)

  5. If you want alleged racism (as in taking offence on behalf of someone else even though you yourself aren't the target of the racism if it did exist) then read about this English chippy in Padiham which I have personally visited.