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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Nanny Bans Cakes

Oh dear not for the first time I see that Nanny has got her knickers in a twist over the baking and selling of cakes for charity.

This time Nanny's gimlet eye has focused on the activities of Georgie Hippolite, 12, who was hoping to sell some cakes to her classmates from Cowes Enterprise College on the Isle of Wight for charity as she had done before.

Unfortunately her mum, Kirsty, who was actually baking the cakes received a call from the school asking her if she had the correct qualifications (ie those held by catering professionals). Sadly Georgie’s tutor told her that “health and safety” regulations meant that her cakes were unfit for sale.

Mrs Hippolite is quoted by the Express:
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing as he told me the school could be sued if a pupil fell ill after eating one of my cakes. 

It’s ridiculous. People have been baking cakes at home for sale at fetes and village fairs for years. My kitchen is spotless and nobody has ever fallen ill after eating my food.” 
The tutor told her that other pupils planned to take in slices, cupcakes and sponges bought at supermarkets.

I wonder which is the more dangerous, a home baked cake or one made in a factory full of chemicals?

Mrs Hippolite knows:
My girls never eat that sort of food because it is often pumped full of artificial preservatives and e-numbers. I would rather make them something fresh and natural.” 
Prepare yourselves for the real laugh though.

Can you guess what happened to the cakes (the "dangerous" ones) that Mrs Hippolite had baked, but was not allowed to sell to the kids?

Yes, that's right, Georgie's tutor suggested that they be taken to the school for the staff to eat (the staff would then make a donation for each cake eaten)!

You couldn't make this up, could you?

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  1. Lord of Atlantis11:57 AM

    Her we go again! Why do we put up with such elf'n'safety dictatorship? If the cakes were fit for the staff to eat, they were fit for the children to eat. Can it be that the staff at this place are so greedy that they came up with this excuse in order to have all the cakes for themselves? If not, it is a gross insult to the girl's mother who took the time and expense of baking the cakes. If the school come asking for any kind of help from parents in the future, I hope she tells them, in no uncertain terms, to "Get lost!"

  2. My Lord, I agree with your last sentence.

    I feel there are two things here....One, the education/indoctrination system wants children to grow up and never question the state.....Two, I suspect the real reason the school wanted to stop this mother was because they could and it also taught the child that even Mummy had to do as she was told by the state......In this case the state/Nanny was represented by their agent, namely the school.

    When Nanny or her agents quote the Elf, it basically means, shut up and do as you're told. The other phrases Nanny uses to say the same thing and of course avoid debate, are Child protection, National security, the new false religion of man made climate change and various name calling based on various "ists, isms and phobes.".....So why does Nanny wish to avoid debate?....Because she cannot justify any of her crazy decisions and policies.

    Now run along little citizens and do as you're told, Nanny knows best. Eat those nasty, shop bought cakes which are full of crap so that Nanny will be able to boss you and nag you when you're a fat, unhealthy adult because of the crap you ate earlier in your life.....You really couldn't make it up.

  3. Lord of atlantis4:49 PM

    It is reported today, in the 'Daily Mail' that the Food Standards Agency has ruled that volunteer cooks and charity workers who prepare food occasionally for community events are not covered by European 'guidelines' and no longer need a food hygiene certificate. The ruling states, "There is no rule banning the sale of homemade cakes at school fetes or other community events." The FSA now says that most charity and community organisations provide food less than once a month, so do not need to register their activities. Scout and Guide groups, bring-and-buy sales, Women's Institute events and village fetes are all cleared to sell their food without the need to register. Only groups regularly serving hot food, dealing with the under fives, or the elderl, or are involved in large scale events need to be registered.

    Would I be cynical in wondering whether this relaxation of the rules or change of heart has occurred as a result of the adverse publicity in this case?

  4. I give up with this, It won't change, only get worse. I am working my exit plan from the UK as I type this. Nothing left, just more of the same.

  5. Anonymous9:33 PM

    I think litigation is a real threat - the Mail (so it might not be true) reported recently that LAs are spending a fortune on compo demanded by pupils for minor 'accidents' ie the what once would have been normal rough and tumble of being a kid. In our truly bizarre climate even an unproven claim of food poisoning would probably be rewarded - too much cost involved in disputing it. I wouldn't be surprised if LAs were knowingly wrongly appealing to H&S to pre-empt potential false claims.

    Someone mentioned climate change above. I started to listen to an R4 programme (8pm) this evening on science and politics. It turned out to be specifically climate change 'science' and I switched off when some bint proposed the view that the intelligentsia were to be found on the left and that those on the left accepted climate change 'science' because a poll had shown this (in the world of junk science a poll is usually hailed as 'a study'). No mention that those who reject the climate change 'science' do so on the very rational grounds that they suspect the science is junk (sceptical scientists know it's junk) and many who accept it do so unthinkingly just as those of drone mentality accept that SHS is a health hazard, to do which requires an abandonment of common sense (the others who accept climate change 'science' know it's junk, too, but their livelihood depends on the scam - just like professional anti-smokers.


  6. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Maybe the school should concentrate on improving the teaching rather than come up with crap like this.

    Highlights from their current Ofsted report:

    'The quality of teaching is improving. The percentage of lessons in which teaching is inadequate has declined, although not been fully eradicated.'

    'Despite these improvements, teaching is not yet consistently good enough to ensure that students are making enough progress to catch up the ground lost during their earlier years at the college.'

    FFS get a grip CEC, the girl is trying to be enterprising, pity the school isn't despite it's name!

    Totally agree with Tonk here. Teachers are usually more interested in their own self importance and status, I can say this with confidence as I USED to be married to one!