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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Get a Life!

As the world inches towards war in the Middle East and Ukraine, 3,000 people apparently have more important things to worry about and have signed a petition demanding that Clarks (the shoe store) remove "sexist" adverts from their stores.

One of the adverts in blue states:
Because boys test their shoes to destruction, so do we.’ 
Another in pink, says:
Because girls love comfort and style, we design both into our shoes.’
In other news some mothers in Brighton are moaning about a cafe that has had the "temerity" to ban buggies (because they get in the way and parents won't fold them up and store them in the designated area).

Welcome to the Nanny state, where people have no sense of perspective and have totally lost touch with reality!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:39 PM

    Clearly, political correctness is alive and well, so we can all sleep easier in our beds, Ken!

    Oh, I hope you had a good week away, last week.

  2. Expat in Canada3:30 PM


    Adding to M'Lord's comment above regarding your trip to a galaxy far away: I am reminded of a line from the '60s song "Eve of Destruction"

    "You may leave here for four days in space, but when you return it's the same old place"

    Quite appropriate, don't you think

  3. Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells8:47 PM

    Baby buggies are a menace. When I were a tadpole as soon as I could walk, I did. My Mum fitted me out with some of those new-fangled things: reins. That way my generation got some useful exercise as well not being in others' way.

  4. Disgusted, Tonbridge Wells8:51 PM

    Buggies are a menace, used by lazy mothers. When I were a tadpole, as soon as I could walk I was fitted out with those new-fangled reins. That way my generation got some useful exercise and no buggy to knock down others.