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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hi Vis

Brighton beach was awash with luminous yellow yesterday, as a gazillion school kids descended onto the beach all wearing hi vis jackets (aside from being completely unnecessary, it must have been very uncomfortable to wear them in the baking sunshine).

Whatever happened to school uniforms?

Anyhoo, kudos to the one child who had the guts and strength of character to remove her hi vis jacket.

She is evidently marked out for great things in life when she grows up!

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  1. Oh dear, they'll be watching that one!

  2. Lord of Atlantis5:12 PM

    Probably be punished severely for such a dastardly crime! May even be taken into care for his or her own "protection" as parents who allow a child to do this are clearly unfit parents! By the way, Ken, you know how Nanny is so keen to punish parents who take their children on holiday during term time? Apparently, this does not apply to head teachers, as there is quite a furore going on about a head teacher in Staffordshire who has, apparently, been allowed to take 2 weeks holiday so he can go to South America to follow the football world cup. Is this not hypocritical, a case of one rule for parents and children, but another for head teachers? You won't be surprised to learn that parents are less than impressed!

  3. Expat in Canada8:05 PM

    Actually that young lady was using some very adult psychology: the brain picks up the unusual, so if everyone is wearing hi-vis, then the one NOT wearing it stands out!
    This story proves that point.

    1. Wouldn't work on a building site...