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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Everything Causes Cancer!

As loyal readers know, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently added processed meats to its list of ‘known’ carcinogens.

Here, courtesy of the Spectator, here is list of a few of the other things which have been claimed to be linked to cancer in the past fortnight:

  • Make-up in Halloween outfits (blamed by a laser surgery centre in New York)
  • Chocolate (blamed by a colorectal surgeon at St George’s Hospital, Tooting)
  • Deodorants (tabloid article — no source given)
  • Hormone-replacement therapy (tabloid article — no source given)
  • ‘Roundup’ herbicide (named in US lawsuit)
  • Sand used in fracking, which is to say, sand (Friends of the Earth)
  • Nail polish (tabloid article — no source given)
  • Shampoo (US gynaecologist)

In other words, if we look hard enough everything we eat, drink and come into contact with can increase the chances of some people developing cancer.

However, is not the reality that we are simply living much longer than we were designed to?

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