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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Ker Farking Ching - Speeding Fines Used To Raise Revenue

As loyal readers know, Nanny and her chums love to use fines as means of raising revenues.

Hence it should come as no surprise at all to learn that Nanny's chum, in the form of Bedfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner (Olly Martins), wants all drivers who travel at more than 70 miles per hour to be fined.

Olly proposes turning on speed cameras permanently across stretches of the M1 motorway network, catching everyone who exceeded the limit.

Motorists would then be forced to pay a £100 fine as well as having points added to their licence, or could opt instead to attend a speed awareness course, costing £90.

Is this concern about speeding driven (pardon the pun) by a desire to improve road safety?

Is it fark! 

It is in fact being used as a means of raising millions of pounds in revenue for the police.

Olly is quoted by the Telegraph
If motorists do not like it then they can always stick to the speed limit.”
The catch all phrase of those who are blind to reality, and who use the law to drive their own personal agendas.

Olly claims that he had been forced into suggesting the scheme, because his force was at financial breaking point and fining speeding drivers could help Bedfordshire retain 25 officers it would otherwise be forced to lose.

It will raise £1M!

When the police, council or government use fines as a means of raising revenue to pay for themselves the concept of impartial law enforcement, innocent until proven guilty and commonsense fairness is thrown out of the window.

The police will now be incentivised to use other means of raising revenue, and for new laws to to be passed that people can break and be fined for!

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  1. Tonk.5:15 PM

    Indeed Ken, when the criminal justice system is used as little more than an extension to HMRC, both institutions are brought into disrepute.

    One motoring organisations described this policy as obnoxious and I think that description is very apt.

    Too many times now, Nanny uses petty little laws as revenue generators or gets people to pay twice for services. One day there will be a backlash but, people will need to grow a pair and actually do something about it.....Nanny is supposed to be our servant not our boss/master.

  2. Howard12:52 AM

    Personally, I'd rather speeding motorists (and those using mobile anythings at the wheel) be fined thousands if it keeps our NHS and police force going. After all, a motorist has a choice, keep your eyes on the speedometer and don't go over the limit, or get fined and help put another teacher in a school, a bobby on the beat or a nurse in a ward. If drivers what to go faster than 70, then lobby your MP for a law change, ask for a special licence (hey, £500/yr lets you legally drive at 80, what's not to like?) or go on holiday in Germany.