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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nanny Bans Damian Lewis

My sympathy to the current pupils of Acland Burghley school in Tufnell Park who, if some former alumni have their way, will be denied seeing Damian Lewis (who lives locally) launch the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

For why?

He went to Eton, and some former have decreed that anyone who went to an "elitist" school must never cross the threshold of Acland Burghley or mix with current pupils!

One former pupil, City University sociology lecturer Rachel Cohen, who attended the school in the 1980s, has set up a petition which has attracted 90 signatures urging the school to change its plans.

Nice to see inverse snobbery is still thriving in Britain!

Snobbery, be it top down or bottom up, is a sure fire way to stifle ambition and to keep everyone in their perceived "social class".

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1 comment:

  1. Lord of Atlantis1:45 PM

    How pathetic can they be? It is not one's background or where one was educated that defines the kind of person one is, in spite of what Nanny would have us believe, but the kind of person they CHOOSE to be. The "toffs" have good role models as well as bad ones; similarly the "plebs"! In any case, in order to understand society properly, the children need to hear the experiences of BOTH sides, not just those whom Nanny approves of!