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Monday, March 14, 2016

Prats of The Week - Pembroke JCR

It has been a wee while since I have awarded my prestigious and world acclaimed "Prats of The Week" Award. Thus, without further ado, I am proud to announce that this week it goes to Pembroke JCR of Cambridge University.

For why?

The learned students of Pembroke have got their knickers in a twist over the theme of a forthcoming dance (BOP). Initially it was going to be themed Around The World in 80 Days. However, for reasons that only students could come up with, the theme has been banned.

It seems that Pembroke were worried about offending ethnic minorities.


Well you see, people would come in costume.

Still not with you?

The costumes would be from various parts of the world.


Pembroke feel that cultural appropriation may be offensive. Hence, they have banned it.

Here is an extract from the University online newspaper The Tab, explaining this nonsense.

Students divided into two camps over whether the JCR is restricting their freedom of expression or preventing offence towards ethnic minorities

Pembroke JCR decided to change the theme from “Around the World in 80 Days” due to a fear of the “potential for offense” [sic].
In an email sent to Pembroke students earlier this week, the Junior Parlour Committee said a lengthy debate preceded the decision to change the theme of the bop.
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Yet again students are displaying all the traits that university is meant to knock out of people, namely:

1 Ignorance
2 Narrow mindedness
3 Arrogance
4 Intolerance
5 Dictatorial tendencies, and
6 Lousy spelling......"offence" is not spelt "offense".

I dread the day when these embryonic dictators assume roles of power and influence in the world.

Pembroke JCR, well deserving Prats of The Week!

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  1. Anonymous3:08 PM

    This type of ‘political correctness’ has been around for many years, but it has not worked and should be booted into touch.

    Other nationalities and other faiths seem to hate us more now than ever.

    After years of trying to make people feel welcome and accepted, Britain is on the highest state of terror alert with an attack ‘imminent’.

  2. Tonk.5:08 PM

    It never ceases to amaze me that, since we've become a "more tolerant society" we've become very intolerant.

    I too fear what kind of hell hole we'll be living in once these people get into positions of authority and influence.

  3. Lord of Atlantis6:27 PM

    I think we've had a taster already, Tonk, if some of the measures taken in recent years by both central government and local government are anything to go by, irrespective of whether the administrations are conservative, labour or liberal democrat. I fear we've seen nothing yet, if these trends continue and this country is placed under the "guidance" of such tollerant people!

    1. Tonk.7:03 PM

      My Lord, I have to agree with you.

      I think you can barely get a fag paper between the main parties now.....George Galloway got it right when he described the three leaders as, three cheeks from the same arse! I don't agree with his politics but, in relation to his comment, he was right on the money.

  4. As John McClane would say, welcome to the party, pal.

    That crap is all we've got going on over here in the states 24/7.