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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nanny's Nice Little Earner - The Litter Police

The BBC's Panorama has exposed one of Nanny's nice little earners, namely finin g people fro dropping litter.

A private company acting as the "litter police" for dozens of councils pays officers a bonus for issuing fines.

One officer from Kingdom Services, a leading enforcement company, claimed that his bonus one month was £987.

Other officers were filmed handing out £75 fines for tiny pieces of dropped orange peel and poured-away coffee.

Kingdom told Panorama that its competency allowance was not a paid incentive for officers to issue fines.

Councils are increasingly using private companies such as Kingdom, based in Cheshire, to enforce the Environmental Protection Act.

Kingdom currently has about 28 contracts with local authorities and last year saw its profits jump 30% to £9m.

Guess what?

The company frequently splits the proceeds of the fines with the councils!

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