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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Childrens' Remembrance Parade Ditched, Lest They Be Cold and Hungry

Saltash's annual Remembrance Day Parade has hit some turbulence after the mayor decided to stop it lest the children taking part were cold and hungry.

Councillor John Brady (ironically an ex serviceman) said there was already plenty happening to honour the military on the day already, and noted that the service had had been timed for 2pm to accommodate youngsters taking part in a planned pebble laying event commemorating the First World War earlier in the day.

Cllr Brady said any parade would have had to be squeezed in late afternoon - which wouldn't have been fair on families and asked why a parade had not been planned, he is quoted by the Telegraph:
"Lots of events are going on during the day.

We have to take into consideration the children that will be out for most of the day there will be lots of children around it could be a very long and cold day."
Why not simply schedule the parade for the morning, and ditch the pebble laying?

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