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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

India Opens The Booze Taps To Conquer Coronavirus Depression

The southern Indian state of Kerala has witnessed more people who died of depression over not being able to consume alcohol than due to the coronavirus.

With the increasing number of suicide case in Kerala, after liquor shops were closed during the lockdown, State Chief Pinarayi Vijayan directed the Excise Department, which controls the sales and distribution of liquor, to provide liquor to alcoholics, with medical prescriptions.

Kerala has the highest number of alcoholics in the country with 1.6 million consuming it on a daily basis. The state government has also asked the Excise Department to provide free counselling to those with withdrawal symptoms in its de-addiction centres.

Vijayan has said the government was also considering the option of online sales of alcohol as the sudden unavailability of it could lead to social problems.

Meanwhile in Britain, the police dye a river black and ban the purchase of Easter eggs!

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