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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Brighton's £154K Covid Cops - Money Well Wasted!


Brighton and Hove News reports that Brighton will be recruiting four Covid Cops (at an initial cost of £154K).

The four “covid cops” will police businesses across Brighton and Hove and have the power to shut down rule-breakers and fine them £4,000.

The officials – to be known as covid information officers – will be expected to provide advice and guidance in most cases before resorting to enforcement.

Those taken on in the temporary posts are to help ensure that businesses – including shops, cafés, pubs and bars – are covid safe.

The government has granted £154,000 to fund the posts from this month until the end of February. After three months, the service will be reviewed and adapted as required.

The officials will have the power to serve notices and fines ranging from “coronavirus improvement notices” and “coronavirus immediate restriction notices” to “coronavirus restriction notices” and fixed penalty notices.

As to whether they are really needed remains doubtful, given that every other official in Brighton appears to have powers to levy fines and poke their noses into other people's business!

The council’s Policy and Resources Committee was told that the covid cops would join other council officials in being granted enforcement powers under the coronavirus regulations.

They include field officers as well as environmental health, trading standards and licensing officers and the council’s seafront team. is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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  1. Tonk.2:16 PM

    Wokingham too are employing covid cops... Perhaps Nanny has some spare hi Viz jackets and no one to wear them.