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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, December 21, 2020

Stand Down A Flight!


With the announcement of  "mutant" covid on Saturday, the French were sufficiently spooked to announce to what in effect amounted to a blockade of Britain.

The result?

Mass panic on Twitter about where people will be able to buy their lettuce!

However, the French are now instituting a series of measures and will lift the blockade. As such, people's supply of lettuce will remain secure.

Meanwhile, the rest of us may be pondering why the "mutant" covid has appeared out of nowhere, and has resulted in Tier 4. It transpires that a very very vocal minority on the NERVTAG group that advised the PM wanted immediate action (despite the report about the "mutant" only have "moderate" confidence in its findings at this stage).

Who would be so vocal in their calls for another lockdown/tier 4?

Well now, a brief scan of the membership reveals our old chum Fergie!

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