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Thursday, December 22, 2011

EU Hoisted on its Own Petard

Almost a month ago I wrote about some major EU Clusterfuckery wrt our EU Overlords decreeing that there is no evidence that water rehydrates you, and threatening legal action (a two year prison sentence no less) against companies that make any such claim.

Well, one month on, and I gemused to read that our EU Overlords have been hoisted on their own petard!

The EU could now be investigated, as its Milk Programme promoted the health benefits of drinking water to children.


"You may not have known, but a large part of milk is actually water. So, if you regularly drink milk, you can stay hydrated at the same time. 
When people do not get enough water, a condition called ‘dehydration’, they can become tired, irritable and have a hard time concentrating.

Drinking milk can help put the necessary water back into the body, while providing carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients to give you energy.”

Well, stap my vitals!

Let's sue the bastards!

BTW, as beer and lager contain a lot of water it is clear that we must tell our children to drink more beer and lager too!

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  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    ‘A large part of milk is actually water?’

    Silly bastards, they will be telling us that beer has water in it next.

  2. Mjolinir1:49 PM

    Natural organic water is (probably) OK - but stay away from the chemical - Di-hydrogen Monoxide