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Thursday, November 24, 2011

EU Clusterfuckery

Given the ongoing disintegration of the Euro experiment, I was more than gemused to recently read about some spectacular EU Clusterfuckery cooked up by our EU Overlords.

It seems that, according to EU officials from the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) after a 3 year investigation, there is no evidence to prove that water rehydrates you.

Yes, you did read that correctly!

Seemingly reduced water content in the body is a symptom of dehydration, and not something that drinking water can subsequently control.

Errmm...that sounds like bollocks to me!

But what do I know about drinking, hydration or anything technical like that?

As such, producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from claiming that water rehydrates you, if they make such a claim they will face a 2 year jail sentence.

This clusterfuck law comes into effect in the UK in the next few weeks!

Given that the NHS states that drinking water helps avoid dehydration, will the NHS be subject to a 2 year prison sentence?

To my humble view the EU is one giant Clusterfuck!

(Please feel to make this phrase go viral, eg via Twitter).

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Although this is probably the daftest ruling to come out of Brussels I do hope that people take notice and act on it.

    It seems that nowadays nobody can do the slightest amount of exercise without carrying around a bottle of water.

    You see them everywhere. People riding bikes, jogging, playing golf, walking their dogs. It doesn’t matter how slight the effort is, it is almost obligatory to carry a bottle of water.

    Personally, I shall stick to beer.

  2. It is all part of the Global Socialist's EUSSR project.

    Make the population uneducated, make them frightened, confuse them and don't tell them what the law is, that way you can control them easier and lock them up if they don't do as they're told.

    The whole meaning of the word "Dehydrated" must give a clue as to whether water does or doesn't rehydrate. Dehydrated means lost water in my opinion so, if you replace that water it must rehydrate you; or is that too simple?

    The EUSSR is the biggest waste of money our dozy politicians have ever got us involved in.
    As stated before; I am English first, British second but European NEVER!

  3. I don't see why all this has gotten so much press. I also notice that many people exercising go around with "super drinks" which are supposed to replenish a good number of other elements to the consumers bodies' "natural" levels, but with little or no proof that the method of consumption actually is conducive to reaching that goal?
    For all *I* know most of the mineral water I drink gets filtered out and dumped once every few hours in the WC, without ever getting into the bloodstream and reaching the poor, dehydrated, cheated cells. Perhaps liquids in foodstuffs or other types of liquid drinks reach the cells with much better efficiency than simply "drinking" the water when I am thirsty?
    The thing that seems strange is that it has come out after all these (thousands of) years that the human race has used simple water for this purpose (but then again, "bleeding" used to be a standard in the health care industry which has fallen a bit into discredit as well...).
    Before passing a law of any sort, it would seem to be easily tested with control subjects doing a series of controlled activities: some that drink only water and others that absorb it through other means (fruit, soft drinks, juices, even alcoholic beverages which do have a water content and thus beneficial properties etc.) and others that do not consume any liquids at all. If the water drinkers are no better off at the end of the test than the non-liquid consumers, well, then they may be right that water doesn't help. I truly doubt that would be the case, but who knows?

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Fucking hell Jacques!

    You are proposing another series of tests to find out the obvious?
    How long should these tests take? A couple of years perhaps.

    Wait a minute……’Jacques’…….You are not a chocolate gobbling Belgian are you?

  5. The body is a wonderful machine; it will take what it needs from any available source. It will take on board fluid from food and any liquids consumed orally.

    Many years ago, I used to play rugby, this was at a time before big business got involved and money and so called professionalism ruined the game. We used to drink pints of water with a teaspoon of salt and a couple of teaspoons of sugar dissolved in them to keep us hydrated. We were big heavy lads and drank a lot of beer in the club bar and of course, running around and drinking alcohol caused us to dehydrate.
    It is now true to say that many of these so called sport drinks are based on the aforementioned DIY drink.

    The body can go many weeks without food but dies after a few days if deprived of water.
    The body tends to hoard water if ones daily intake is less than needed; most people in the west are well hydrated so the body needs not retain fluids.
    If your body requires more fluid, the body will find and retain that fluid so, in my opinion speaking as someone that worked most of their professional life in a clinical environment, the conclusions, if they are as reported here, are very suspect.

  6. "Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from claiming that water rehydrates you, if they make such a claim they will face a 2 year jail sentence."

    And in Australia companies can now be fined A$1.1M for telling the truth...

  7. At the rate the whole European banking system is heading for collapse, possibly before Christmas, (including the U.K.s); laws like that will be buried in the scorched earth policy that the collapse will bring along with the rest of the Bureacracy in Brussels. These are the last gasps of a dream too far and should be seen as an indicator of how close the end is rather than wasting thought and effort on criticism.

  8. Lord of Atlantis12:05 AM

    What a load of poppycock, even by the standards of an organisation that seems to spend most of its time producing poppycock! The sooner we pull out of the E.U oncce and for all the better: it's costing this country billions, directly and indirectly.

  9. Sir Boris Johnson5:59 PM

    The last time I went for a run I remember well. It was a Sunday, lovely and mild out, the sun shining and a lovely warm breeze.

    The countryside looked marvellous with cows in the fields and sheep all over the road. It was then that I spilt my Sunday roast all over the place.

    I was running, slowly, but running with my roast dinner on a plate, eating by hand the delicious roast potatoes and minty lamb. With a fine claret in my rucksack I was all prepared for a fine meal when I ran into the sheep on the road - SPLATTER - the wine was a much needed helpmate after colliding with a load of marauding sheep.

    Who needs sports drinks??