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Friday, July 18, 2014

Booze Makes You Forget

I see that Nanny is having another pop at people who drink. This time she is trying to scare middle aged people into reducing their alcohol consumption, lest they be stricken with Alzheimer's.

New draft guidance from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice) wants lifestyle advice to be included in NHS health checks currently offered to all patients aged between 40 and 74.

It says middle-aged patients should be warned that “there is no safe level of alcohol consumption” when it comes to their future dementia risk.

That of course is the most absurd piece of advice ever, as by definition it means that Nice want you to stop drinking completely. Hence no one will follow their advice, and ignore everything else they say as well.

Well done Nice, another botched piece of advice!

Draft recommendations also propose an expansion of “smoke-free” policies to ban smoking in parks, in order to reduce the risk of dementia.

Please, get a grip, how the fark is second hand smoke in a park going to increase someone's chances of suffering from dementia?

The more dodgy research and absurd advice Nanny inflicts upon us, the more we ignore it!

The only way to get Nanny out of our lives is to drink more, so that we can forget her.

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  1. No safe level. First it was fags, now booze, I bet there's no safe level of burgers too.

    And as for banning smoking in parks, it won't help. Apparently fag smoke now drifts into the homes of non smokers and takes residence in their furniture, killing their kids. Nobody is going to live long enough to get dementia.

    Cause and effect: If someone lights a fag in China, SHS will kill a kid in your living room

  2. Toy Trumpet4:46 PM

    I believe that the evidence doesn't support their advice.

    Whilst there may be "no safe" level of alcohol consumption wrt dementia... The problem with all of these things is that science always looks at each effect in isolation (for good scientific reason!)

    When you look at advice in the real world, when you increase one risk you reduce another.

    I believe it has been demonstrated that teetotallers (on average) live less long than "moderate" drinkers. A little booze is good for you.

    Which means that their advice is scientific, as well as sociological, BOLLOCKS.