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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You Are A Fat Bastard!

Oh dear Nanny really can't stop from interfering in our lives, yet again she is fretting that we are a nation of fat bastards.

Thus Nanny intends to issue fat bastard warnings on till receipts, as and when we buy products that she doesn't approve of.

The plans are currently being developed by Nanny's chums from Public Health England, which apparently works on ways to improve the nation’s health and deal with inequalities. Errmm, I thought we have an NHS that is meant to deal with health matters, why do we need a quango doubtless subsidised by the taxpayer?

Duncan Selbie, the Public Health England’s chief executive, said the warnings on till receipts were a way of using behavioural techniques to nudge people towards choosing more healthy eating outcomes.

He is quoted by the Telegraph:
We need to find four or five big corporates that are relevant to people – so Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Lidl have millions of people on their databases – to reach people.

So let’s say I went to Tesco on Sunday and I got a till receipt and it said I bought various things, and it said you’ve saved £2.21. I think Sainsbury’s do the same thing.”
Selbie said that Public Health England was considering giving supermarkets its algorithms or mathematical codes for working out sugar and fat content in people's shopping baskets.
What if we gave Sainsbury’s the algorithms that they could personalise to their customer database, so they give their customer base advice about how they could improve their health?

It doesn’t have to cost customers anything more, but it may help them make choices that are better for their health.
Doubtless Nanny will start accessing the supermarkets' databases in order to "help" her design these algorithms.

I have a simple message for Nanny:

Fuck Off!

We are fed up with you sticking your nose into our lives.

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  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Supermarkets do not do anyone any favours and they never have done.

    They buy the cheapest crap that they can get hold of and then they add salt, sugar and a bunch of other chemicals to make the food taste better.

    They do this to boost profits and they are poisoning us with their greed.

    It is them that are making Britain a nation of fat bastards.

    45 grams of sugar in a small single portion of sweet and sour chicken??????

    Keep eating processed food and it will slowly kill you.

    And anyone that is stupid enough to buy, free range, organic, responsibly sourced, fair trade sustainable food from a supermarket and pay a premium, should not be allowed out by themselves.

  2. "warnings on till receipts were a way of using behavioural techniques to NUDGE people towards choosing more healthy eating outcomes."

    A nudge becomes a PUSH pretty quickly....

  3. Hopefully Sainsburys and Tesco will have the same message

  4. Sunex Amures1:58 PM

    Another step towards some sort of food rationing. Beware when it becomes obligatory to have a store 'loyalty' card.

  5. Lord of Atlantis4:46 PM

    And how long before the next stage is rolled out, that if you buy food Nanny doesn't approve of, you will be visited by Nanny's food police for the purpose of "re-educating" you? It also goes without saying that your children, if you have any, will also be taken into care,"for their protection" of course!