Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


According to our ever reliable weather forecasters, the UK is set for a mini heatwave for the next day or so. Temperatures could, theoretically, reach 30-35 degrees.


Needless to say Nanny has gone into red alert and is frantically warning everyone to take care, remain hydrated and not to leave the house if they are "vulnerable".

I wonder how it is that we have survived warm weather before Nanny came along to tell us what to do?

Just dress sensibly, drink liquids (yes our bodies will tell us that!) and open a window or two.

I dare say we might get through the next few days warm weather in one piece!

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  1. I presume that UK residents never ever spend their vacation under the Mediterranean sun but prefer heading north in summer.
    Oh, and how come Australia and South Africa are heavily populated by UK emigrants?

  2. A little bit of warmth and Nanny flies into a panic! The trains have been cancelled because the heat is causing the track to distort. When it's a little bit cold, Nanny panics and the trains, planes, schools and roads come to a halt.
    Is Nanny really Goldilocks?....A little bit too hot, a little bit too cold but, this one is just right :-)

    I told my sister about it yesterday and Nanny's reaction....My sister now lives in Egypt and yesterday it was 45'C.....She said our weather sounded just like a normal day to her!

  3. Lord of Atlantis7:27 PM

    Here we go again! A little bit of warm weather and Nanny starts freaking out! We coped perfectly well with high temperatures years ago, as we do on holiday in warm climates.

  4. Tonk.8:19 PM

    I was just watching the State's broadcaster who was very patronising by telling people to check on older people because they are very vulnerable in the heat.....Question for Auntie; How the hell do you think my wife and I have survived as long as we have? Do you really think we don't know that when it's hot we should take in water?.....I think it is the daft, unable to think for themselves younger generation, created by You and Nanny, who needs this type of advice.....Perhaps I'll go nextdoor and ask if my Twenty something neighbours have been drinking enough water etc......Piss off Nanny and Aunti, we don't need you, we can think for ourselves!!

    And relax:-)