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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Nanny Bans Pleasure

Nanny's best friend Theresa May has decided that we are all enjoying ourselves far too much, and wants to put a stop to it.

Her particular ire is targeted thusfar against so called "legal highs", which are chemical concoctions designed to produce similar effects to illegal substances.

Nanny has, over the past few years, been merrily banning these as soon as they hit the market. However, no sooner as one ban is put in place another variation on a substance is devised and sold perfectly legally.

Thus Nanny May is having no more of it and, despite there being no credible scientific research whatsoever about the dangers or otherwise of these substances, she has decided to push through a bill that bans them all (irrespective of whether they have been invented yet).

How can you ban something that has yet to be created?


You ban ALL substances that are "psychoactive substances" (ones that give you pleasure, for want of a better word).

There is a wee problem with the proposed legislation.

It is in fact the worst piece of legislation (technically and ethically) ever drafted by any government in living memory.

For why?

Well did you know that tea, coffee, nuts, scented pillows etc all come under psychoactive substances?

Yes they do!

Thus there are (for the moment) exemptions eg alcohol (as long as it contains no other psychoactive substances), nicotine, tobacco and caffeine are “exempt substances”, as are medicinal products. However,  the bill appears to render the production of any new psychoactive drug for research purposes unlawful.

Additionally, butane gas, petrol, glue etc are not on the list of exemptions; despite the fact these are used by some people to get high.

Oh and the legality of efags (designed to weane you off real fags) is also questionable.

Thus the bill is pile of old shite!

I had expected this sort of bollocks from a coalition of Labour and the Scottish Nazi Party (had they won the election), but not from a Tory majority government with more pressing issues to focus on.

What the fark are May and her bill drafters on?

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  1. Anonymous12:10 PM

    From that photo it would seem that the red plonk that Theresa May is drinking isn't doing her much good: maybe that is half of the problem - she needs something a bit more effective: must get Mum to send her a packet of Morning Glory seeds!


  2. We import all our ideas from the States, usually about a decade after the fact. This one though harks back to prohibition & we all know how well that worked out.

    So what if a rare individual buys some product from a legal-high shop. The products are, after all marked as "animal" and/or "not for human consumption" - and then dies. At least they're a candidate for a Darwin Award.

    Now they're gonna be off to their local drug dealer who'll give them a free hit of heroin etc. The rest of the story we all know.

  3. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I have a feeling that Prohibition was slightly more than a decade ago . . .

    However, when I lived in the States (I left there about 20 years ago) I was caught with my trousers down several times by looking for a liquor store to buy somebody a bottle of plonk and finding myself in a dry county, and, then, having to drive back 30-40 miles to get my gift. I later discovered that right at the border between a dry county and a 'wet' one there was always a superb boozarium where one could stock up properly; so missing the point of a dry county completely.