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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Welsh Nanny Bans E Fags

I see that Welsh Nanny has decided to ban people using e fags in enclosed spaces (including lorries and taxis) as from 2017.

Based on no scientific evidence whatsoever, Nanny has decided that the sight of someone wafting on a vap (I believe that to be the term for it) in an enclosed space may encourage kids to smoke real fags.

I think that is utter bollocks, given that an e fag looks nothing like a real fag!

More to the point, what have the dimensions of the space in which you vap got to do with the likelihood of a kid deciding to start smoking real fags?

It is ridiculous and unenforceable!

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  1. I must admit I had to laugh when I read this story yesterday on Al-Jabeeba.

    I often feel that users of E-Fags are just waiting for someone to say something to them.

    There is one woman who gets the same bus as me very often. She has one of these E-Fags. She "Vapes" and looks dead pleased with herself and almost looks as if she wants someone to challenge her about "Smoking on the bus." The sad thing is that the journey is not even ten minutes long.....It must be awful to be so dependent on a chemical that you can't go ten minutes without it!

  2. Anonymous4:46 PM

    We're all dependent on Oxygen, you try going 10 minutes without it! What I found interesting is the division between different campaign groups on it, normally they are all pitched against the smokers, this one is less clear cut.

    1. Tonk.7:09 PM

      Yeah, fair point I suppose.....It is unusual to get pedantic people on here:-)

      I agree about the "views of the campaign group" that has pushed for this ban.

      I am a non smoker but opposed the all out smoking ban in public houses. I oppose the Nanny state at every level and hence why I visit Ken's site and comment when I'm well enough to do so.
      I get fed up with being treated like a child by Nanny and would prefer the ban in pubs to be lifted so that a publican can decide for himself and his clientele whether he should ban smoking in his pub. I feel a similar policy could apply to E-Fags.

      I like the clean air in pubs now but, I feel many have lost their atmosphere inside and I personally dislike having to push myself through the smoker's club which congregates at the front door of my local; no garden you see.

      If they were to ask me what might be a good thing to ban in pubs, I would have to say chavvy children but, I suppose that would make me as bad as Nanny....Have a nice day sir:-)