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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brighton Hates Fags - Beach Smoking To Be Banned

As loyal readers know, Nanny's virulent hatred of fags knows no bounds. However, kudos to Brighton and Hove council for excelling even Nanny's rabid hatred of fags and making utter knobheads of themselves.

It transpires that Brighton and Hove could become one of the first places in the UK to ban smoking in its parks and on its beaches.

Councillors are being asked to approve a public consultation, to extend the voluntary ban in playgrounds to other public spaces in the city.

Cllr Daniel Yates, chair of Health and Wellbeing Board, is quoted by Brighton and Hove News:
The health benefits of smoke free areas and protecting children from second-hand smoke are well established.

We’re keen to keep people safe from the effects of smoking in public areas, especially children who are most vulnerable. However we also want to ensure any measures taken have support of residents in the city. The report is a welcome addition to the meeting agenda.”
What utter bollocks!

It is not at all well established that passive smoking is in anyway harmful in the open air.

Maybe he should direct his attention to the toxic effects of the congested roads of Brighton instead!

The areas being proposed to become smoke free, following consultation, are locations where children are most likely to be present, especially during school holidays at times when the parks and beaches are busiest.

The plans are due to go before the city council’s health and wellbeing board next Tuesday, 21 July. If agreed, the consultation will run from the 22 July for 12 weeks.

In the event that these proposals become law, I would like to ask the council how the fark they intend to enforce the rules?

I ask, because the beach is farking long and has, in peak season, over 40,000 visitors per day. 
It is ironic that the council are so keen to divert its staff and the police to enforce a smoking ban on the beach; because they have done fark all to stop abusive drinkers, drug takers, tent communes etc from blighting the beachfront and city's parks over the past few years. 
There was even a rave on the beach the other week, that left in its wake 60 used needles, broken glass, vomit, urine and human faeces. Where were the police, council and local media when this was on and when the people who have businesses on the beachfront were left to clean up the shit?

Congratulations to Brighton and Hove council, well deserving Knobheads of The Millennium!

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  1. "In the event that these proposals become law,..."

    We all know that any consultation ends up with the nannies getting what they want regardless of the responses, which are usually against.

  2. Skid Row on Sea needs some additional seaside distractions - otherwise the the population with a few marbles left will rise up etc....

  3. Tonk.7:24 PM

    If it is a voluntary ban, it can't be legally enforced can it?

    Jobsworth: You know it's non smoking on this beach.

    Smoker: Yeah, clear off please.

    ""Councillors are being asked to approve a public consultation, to extend the voluntary ban in playgrounds to other public spaces in the city."" End quote.

    Unless of course they're trying to make it a compulsory ban in which case.....Kerching comes to mind!

    1. Voluntary bans end up becoming compulsory, when zealots are involved!

  4. Anonymous7:59 PM

    The only way they can enforce this is to have law passed. The law of the land I think takes precedence over any piddling by-law that they might try.

    There was trumped up evidence to drive through the indoor ban on the grounds of health; there is no evidence at all to support an outdoor ban.

    Smokers should tell them to fuck right off - if such a law comes to a place near me I certainly shall.