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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Nanny Loves Kids and Their Company

In mid July I wrote the following about Kids Company:
"There has been a fuss in the media recently over the resignation of Camila Batmanghelidjh, from her position of CEO of a charity Kids Company that she founded.

It transpires the heart of the issue relates to non payment by the charity of nearly £700K of unpaid National Insurance to HMRC in 2003.

HMRC has written off £589,587 of the amount owed (at the taxpayers' expense) and Nanny, it seems, will hand over £3M of taxpayers' money to continue to fund the charity.

Laurence Guinness, director of communications at Kids Company, is quoted by the Third Sector saying that the charity had:

"experienced a delay in making National Insurance payments to HMRC as resources were focused on meeting the immediate needs of a high number of vulnerable children with complex needs who were not receiving statutory support".
A "delay"?

Twelve years??

When does a charity cease to be a charity, and become a business?"
Barely three weeks on, and the "charity" is now closing down amid some very ugly rumours indeed about various issues.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said warnings had been sounded as far back as the Labour government:
"All those reasons, it seems, were put to one side - and the reason, bluntly, is because it appears Kids Company was a charity which enjoyed the protection of Downing Street, under Gordon Brown and David Cameron."
The observant amongst you will be asking, what about the £3M of taxpayers' money that was handed over?

The Cabinet Office's lead official raised concerns that the grant, intended for a "transformation and downsizing plan", would be poor value for money, but was told by ministers to press ahead.

It seems that Nanny will make an attempt to get it back, not least because the Cabinet Office believes that the conditions attached to its use were not met!

Any bets as to whether the money is still there??

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    There was a website - now defunct - which collated info about what the siteholder dubbed "fake charities" ie agencies which enjoyed funding from us via HMG of which my pet hate is ASH and its spawn.