Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, August 02, 2018

This Is What A Real Heatwave Looks Like

The next time Nanny and her weather forecasting chums tell us to stay cool and stay inside when it gets a little warm here, point her to this real, genuine, full on heatwave in Korea!

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  1. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I have been reading about the expected heatwave in Spain.

    According to the British news, we in Spain have been warned to stay indoors during the hottest times, to wear light, natural materials when going out, to put on plenty of sun block, to drink as much as required (but not alcohol) as often as possible, to refrain from any physical activity and to look out for elderly and young neighbors.

    Los cojones!

    We have been told none of that shit.
    That is just propaganda to make the stupid advise given by the UK authorities last week seem reasonable.

    We have got an 'alarma roja', a red alert for high temperatures, but that is all.

    And we get those every fucking year!

  2. Expat in Canada1:12 AM


    A few years back I was the Engineer of Record for a huge Rock Music Festival in the interior of British Columbia. It was hot: on the third day we received the welcome news that the day's high will drop to 'only' 39deg!! It had been in the low 40's.

    I was supervising the roadies putting up the stages etc. We just drank gallons of water and carried on working.