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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Henry Dimblely's Egregious Loathing of Percy Pig

Restaurateur Henry Dimbleby (who by happenstance is now in charge of the very Orwellian sounding National Food Strategy) has, for reasons best known to himself, something of a "bugbear" about Percy Pigs (sweets).

He finds it "egregious" that food products such as Percy Pigs claim to be natural etc etc. Thus he has decided to become the nation's Fussbucket in Chief.

The Guardian quotes him:

I just think that is not right. I think that is genuinely misleading

One of the most egregious sins of the modern food industry is its habit of clothing itself, and its products, in false virtue … ‘No artificial colours or artificial flavourings’ trills the packaging for Percy Pig, the ‘soft gums made with fruit juice’… How many parents take the time to check the ingredients list? If they did, they might (assuming they know how ingredient lists work) be agog to find that the three largest ingredients by weight are glucose syrup, sugar and glucose-fructose-syrup."

Well that's lovely, but the ingredients are printed clearly on the product, and until Nanny actually starts wiping our arse for us maybe we should let people make their own decisions eh?

It's a sweet, they are not meant to be nutritious! is brought to you by "The Living Brand"

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