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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Hypocrisy of The Lockdown Zealots


The media, certain politicians and the SAGE "boffins" are calling for another lockdown, because the first one "worked so well"!

Just step back a minute and consider these points:

1 Lockdowns don't get rid of the virus (otherwise the first lockdown would have been a great success)

2 Lockdowns cause immense harm (economic, psychological, health - eg cancers not checked, education etc).

3 The costs (economic, psychological health, education etc) of lockdowns will be with us for many years.

It is very easy for politicians, the media, academics and the middle class to call for lockdowns when they can sit at home without having their income disrupted, safe in the knowledge that they will still have:

- Heating

- Electricity

- TV

- Phone services

- Internet

- Food, drink, fags etc

delivered to their homes by others.

However, just bear in mind that during these lockdowns millions of people have to still go outside their homes to work including, but not limited to, the following:

- medical staff

- police

- armed forces

- firemen

- postal workers

- delivery staff

- shop workers

- small shopkeepers

- milkmen

- bus drivers, tube drivers, train drivers, taxi drivers etc etc

- people who provide electricity, gas, water, internet, TV phone services etc

Therefore, when people call for a lockdown it is more than likely those calling for it won't have their livelihoods wrecked or have to continue to go outside of their homes to provide goods and services to others!

Note this well, every single day in the UK between 400-500 people die from cancer. The media don't report those deaths every day as they do Covid. 

I would also note, that as a result of the lockdown those deaths (because people will have ignored symptoms or treatment has been delayed) will increase markedly in the years to come. The same will apply to other diseases.

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