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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Joy of CCTV - Ker Farking Ching!

Big Brother

I see that a new speed camera, amusingly called Asset (advanced safety and driver support for essential road transport), may be deployed in the UK.

Asset, aside from being able to spot speeding drivers, will also spot those who are not wearing seatbelts and measure distances between moving cars to identify tailgating.

The development of Asset is being funded by the European commission, and is currently being tested in Finland.

Deployment across all of Europe (including our "island haven") is expected to be complete by 2013.

The question is, will Nanny and her "beloved" local authorities be able to resist using this camera as a means to fill her much depleted coffers?

Ker Farking Ching!

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  1. All too often in Nanny's world, the criminal justice system has been used as an extension to HMRC for the sole purpose of raising cash through fines....Kerching.
    This brings the whole system into disrepute and makes the public even less likely to support the criminal justice system and its staff, including the police.

  2. I wonder with systems like this, aside from the ability to collect large amounts of data on ordinary people, how easily one could end up getting caught out without having done anything truly wrong.

    I mean, how does this tailgating detection work? Would it know the difference between an impatient sales-rep 2" from your back bumper from someone having just pulled sharply in front of *your* front bumper to move into another lane of traffic?

    It does seem like there's plenty of scope for raking in the dough here...

  3. I love how Nanny creates these acronyms by force-fitting a string of mumbo-jumbo words into a pre-determined pattern in order to come up with something like "Asset." Actually shouldn't it be "Asdsert" (advanced safety and driver support for essential road transport)? Oh yeah, you can't pronounce "Asdsert," and it certainly isn't catchy. Well then, how about Traffic Warning Alert Technology? That's easy enough.

  4. I've just had a look at the management-weasel-word laden ASSET website: "Holistic Safety & Requirements", "Traffic Control and Cybernetics", "Multi purpose enforcement strategies" are a few of the gems to be found.

    Never mind the cameras, how about the RFID chips in your number plate idea?

    Mr Potato Head, you will be happy to learn that one of the key future technologies required is "... a continuous vehicle tracking and tracing system using CCTV. The trajectories of vehicles will be used to control possible violations."

    So, they will be able to automatically tell the difference between your tailgating rep or the person who's just cut you up. All you have to do is let the unelected, unaccountable EU track your every movement on the road.

  5. Speenzman1:01 AM

    "I've just had a look at the management-weasel-word laden ASSET website: "Holistic Safety & Requirements", "Traffic Control and Cybernetics", "Multi purpose enforcement strategies"

    Why don't they take these cameras and perform some holistic anal object intrusion? Or as we say in non-bollockspeak 'shove them up their arse'.