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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Booze Matters - Minimum Pricing

I see that Nanny continues to "pump up the volume" on her never ceasing campaign against alcohol.

Recently Alcohol Concern Cymru publicly called for an end to the "pocket money" prices of shop-bought alcohol.

It seems that, if Alcohol Concern Cymru are to be believed, shop deals mean that the weekly recommended alcohol limit for a man can be bought for less than £4 and a woman's for under £3.

The Welsh Assembly are also pressing to have more power over alcohol licensing and pricing.

Alcohol Concern Cymru says that it wants to see the unit price of alcohol raised to 50p, in order to "deter" under-age drinking.

Well, here are a few points:

1 As has been said by many loyal readers on this site, "normal" people do not drink "alcohol" they drink beer, gin etc etc. Normal people do not like, want to or indeed drink the cut priced "sh*te" that the anti alcohol campaigners keep referring to.

2 Most kids, if they are brought up to respect alcohol in the family home, do not rush down to the local bus stop every night to swing a 2 litre bottle of sh*te cider.

3 Minimum pricing is bollocks and, if anything, makes things worse. Scandinavia has had such a policy for decades (aside from the fact it actually breaks certain aspects of EU law), all that has happened is that a certain section of the population swig homemade hooch, whilst others drink themselves into a coma in their homes (before going out) or in pub toilets with shop bought booze (rather than pay the even more exorbitant prices charged by clubs and pubs). In other words, like it or not, people like to drink.

4 There will always be idiots, and ill/addicted people, who find pleasure in drinking themselves to oblivion each day (with whatever comes to hand). Whatever the price of "alcohol", these people will find something to sate their needs (eg meths).

5 The real issue that needs to be addressed is what causes certain kids to choose to seek to obliterate their brains each day on cheap sh*te. That of course might open up a whole can of worms that Nanny doesn't want addressed (eg lousy educashun system offering no future employment, squalid housing conditions, ineffective local services that do nothing more than "hector" the kids and parents etc etc).

The price of alcohol is not the cause of society's ills!

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  1. I fully agree Ken, especially Number Five.

  2. microdave1:03 PM

    Re point No5 - I often wonder why us "adults" are constantly implored to "think of the cheeeldrun", and stop buggering up the world that they will inherit. Yet it seems from the behaviour of many of them that they simply don't care, anyway...

  3. One thing pretty much all governments and their minions everywhere are loath to admit is that a great many people rather like getting a bit pissed or otherwise addled on a semi-regular basis. Our overlords don't want to admit this because it suggests that our daily exertions on the hamster wheel, coupled with the sublime satisfactions of civic engagement, aren't quite enough to render us weak-kneed with bliss every waking hour of our lives. But by God, they'll keep trying, and we'd better keep trying right along with them.

  4. It's a pretty fine balancing act isn't it Black Sea? On the one hand they don't want us all getting so wasted that we're no good for anything, but on the other, they need to ensure we all have an outlet for our frustrations to keep us in line.

    However, who "They" actually are is uncertain, see Tony Blair's own admission as to his reliance on "alcohol" to get him through his time in office...

    It's enough to drive one to drink!

  5. Archroy6:03 PM

    "It seems that, if Alcohol Concern Cymru are to be believed, shop deals mean that the weekly recommended alcohol limit for a man can be bought for less than £4 and a woman's for under £3."

    Urgent action is needed to raise the recommended limit to at least 10 quid's worth

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Nanny only wants to deal with symptoms, causes are far too difficult to deal with.

  7. Do not dispair,for in my youth one could buy five liters of industrial alcohol for next to nothing,which gave one a magnificently clear mind,although the body would not co-operate,of course it had to be watered down so that you did not poison yourself,but on the whole much more agreeable that the muck they pass of as "drink"these days,also easily available at your nearest do-it -yourself superstore,and as an added bonus one could ferment ones marijuana plant roots in it.As an american president once said"beer is proof that God wants us to be happy"