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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Dangers of Crosses

CrossI am not in the slightest way religious, I do not believe in god etc. However, so long as people do not try to force their beliefs down my throat, it is an individual's right to follow whatever religion he/she wishes.

Therefore I question the reaction of Wakefiled and District Housing (WDH) to Colin Atkinson's 8 inch cross, that he has displayed on the dashboard of his company vehicle for the last 15 years.

WDH received a complaint from a tenant, who demanded that he remove it for fear it could offend people or suggest that the company favoured Christians.

WDH asked Mr Atkinson to remove it, then called him to a disciplinary hearing after he refused to remove it.

It should be noted that it is not WDH policy to ban religious/political iconography; employees of other faiths are permitted to wear headdresses and turbans, and Mr Atkinson's manager has a poster of Che Guevara on his office wall.

However, following representations from various religious groups (including Muslims, Sikh, Christian, Hindu etc) WDH has decided that commonsense is better than "procedural correctness" and has allowed Mr Atkinson to continue to display his cross.

An absurd and stressful waste of time and energy!

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  1. Before Mr. Atkinson displayed the cross on the dashboard of his vehicle, he should have paused to ask himself that most profound of questions WWND (What would Nanny do?).

  2. Glad to see that he finally got the muslims permission.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. ^ deleted for enhancement)^

    Moslems, Sikhs and Buddhists are usually appalled at the way our lesbian lefty guilt mongers attack Christianity, seeing it as attacks on Religion in general, including their own. That is why they will have supported Colin and his Crucifix.

    In addition the Italian State recently won the right to continue displaying the Crucifix in every school classroom despite some Johnnie foreigner complaining to the ECHR that it traumatised and belittled him.

    The "offended" complainant needs rooting out and, if not exterminated, named, shamed and rendered job-seeker.

  5. Tonk.7:55 PM

    Far too many people only too happy to get offended on behalf of other, most of whom, won't be offended at all.

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:44 PM

    Is it not ironic, that in what is (ostensibly) a Christian country, it is only those who follow Christianity who suffer religious discrimination and persecution?

    banned said...
    "The "offended" complainant needs rooting out and, if not exterminated, named, shamed and rendered job-seeker."

    Possibly is already a job-seeker, or local government 'officer' as he/she clearly has too much time on his/her hands, and too little to do!