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Monday, November 12, 2012

Auntie's £1.3M Payoff To Incurious George Entwistle

As loyal readers know, those who curry favour with Nanny and who become her favourites are looked after by Nanny.

Such is also the case with those who curry favour with Nanny's best chum, Auntie.

Step forward "Incurious" George Entwistle, who helped Auntie out of a jam by resigning from his job as Director General of the BBC after a mere 8 weeks in the position.

Auntie was so touched and overcome with gratitude that she awarded him a full year's salary of £450,000, on top of his £877,000 pension pot as a leaving present. Oddly enough Auntie's own headlines this morning neglect to mention the pension pot.

That's a leaving present of £1.3M!

You see folks, if you are friends with Nanny and Auntie you can do very well for yourselves!

This is of course at variance with the experience of those who are not chums with Nanny/Auntie. For example, during my "illustrious" lifetime to date I have been made redundant twice; from jobs in which I have spent considerably longer than 8 weeks, yet I do not recall being given a pension pot and a year's salary as a leaving present.

The difference of course being that Auntie is using taxpayers' money to fund the payoff.

Funny old world isn't it?

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  1. No!
    This payment takes the paedophiles off of the front page, a bargain in financial terms especially as it is the taxpayer coughing up..

  2. Lord of Atlantis3:26 PM

    Noway should anyone receive that kind of payoff! I suggest a months salary at the most. However, it is clearly one rule for Nanny's friends, another one entirely for everyone else. It is disgusting!

  3. Anonymous4:58 PM

    The pension pot is nothing to do with a 'pay off'. It is money accrued and reflects his high salary and length of service. He would be due his eventual pension regardless of what has just happened.

  4. That word "incurious" has a strange resonance for me. It occurs in what is (probably) the finest RANT ever composed in English- "The Islanders" [Rudyard Kipling, 1902, about the mis-handling of Military operations during the Boer War- but somewhat applicable to 'management' of the present day]
    Arid, aloof, incurious, unthinking, unthanking, gelt,
    (That final word can mean 'money paid' or 'castrated'?)