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Friday, October 04, 2013

Lorraine's Breakfast Boobs

It is indeed a strange and confused society that we live in, on the one hand certain tabloids (that can be freely purchased by all ages) happily display bare boobs and barely concealed cleavages with gay abandon.

However, when the breakfast show Lorraine had the "temerity" to do a feature on breast cancer; wherein a topless lady was taken through the self examination technique by Dr Hillary Jones, all hell broke loose.

The Telegraph reported that a spokeswoman from pressure group Mediawatch UK, which campaigns for family values in the media (cancer affects many families does it not?), said such broadcasts could be "problematic".
"Whilst there was nothing sexual or lascivious about the examination, this kind of thing can be problematic. 
There probably should have been a warning beforehand, as there may have been young children watching and it might have upset them a bit."
Twitter, unsurprisingly, also went OTT one user writing:
"I know they are talking about breast cancer awareness on Lorraine, but are they actually allowed to have someone half naked on TV at 9am??"
Another wrote:
"Boobs on telly at this time. Mental stuff on Lorraine."
Get over yourselves folks, society will not collapse nor will childrens' morals be corrupted because of this.

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  1. What a pathetic nation of people we have become.
    I wonder, given that it was after 09-00 am, how many of the children that were not at school would still be sucking on breasts for their meal?

    I am sure that there is a whole army of people, who lead such useless, pathetic lives, that they watch TV etc with the hope of being offended, just so that they can make a song and dance of it.

    I would suggest that the very attitude displayed by the spokeswoman for media watch, by making boobs a taboo, actually sexualizes the human breast. One way to make people keen to see something or to get them to pursue something is to ban it or make it a forbidden item......Tell a kid not to play in the woods and you can bet your life they will sneak off to the woods to play at some point in their childhood when they think you're not watching.

    Regarding a warning.....I get sick and tired of the warnings before so many of our programmes these days....This programme contains flashing images.....This programme contains scenes which some people may find up-setting/offensive etc....This programme contains old fashioned views and opinions.
    Suggestion to these people that are so easily offended on behalf of others; ensure the people you're getting offended on behalf of are actually offended; I have found most are not. If you don't like the contents of something, use the bloody off button!

    We get so hung up in this country about far too many thing from boobs to booze and by demonising these things, all Nanny does is make them more attractive......Look at all the records that Al Ja-Beeba banned which then went on to top the charts purely because Auntie banned them.

  2. Boobs . . . were a constant feature of my childhood; I got to know my Mum's really early; at about 1 hour old I should imagine. Later, as a kid, I remember my Mum often walking naked from her bedroom to the bathroom (a bloody long corridor in that flat), and back again with a towel round her middle. I went swimming with a friend, and we changed in the same changing room as his Mum, with her, and nobody thought anything about it. Was I disturbed? Was I permanently scarred? Well, as a happily married man (22 years) with 2 boys at University, I seem to think not. Boobs are neither here nor there as boobs-qua-boobs; its what you do with boobs inside your brain that matters. As far as I recall, boobs were, first, a source of food, secondly, parts of my Mum's body that were "just her", and thirdly attractive features attached to some women and rather unattractive features attached to other women and obese men. I have survived boobs and lived to tell the tale (and that isn't even mentioning all the sweaty nonsense with copies of Mayfair under the sheets with a torch in my teenage years).