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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Taking The Pisco

I was gemused to read that Nanny's pet hate (booze) has been temporarily surpassed by another pet hate of hers (that rears its head from time to time), namely that of eggs.

Normally Nanny berates us for the cholesterol danger of eggs. However, this time she frets about the risk of salmonella in raw eggs (ah the halcyon days of Eggwina Currie appear to have returned!).

What have raw eggs got to do with booze?

Well it seems, as with all things alcoholic, there is a trend at the moment for certain types of cocktails. These ones are mixed with raw eggs, eg a Pisco Sour which includes the white of an egg to give it a foamy head.

Kevin Coles of the British Egg Information Service says there is never a cast-iron guarantee of safety when it comes to raw eggs in food or drink, but that 98.5% of eggs stamped with the industry's red lion mark are safe.

He is quoted by the BBC:
"Any egg can contain salmonella but it is more or less a thing of the past in the UK. Eggs with the red lion mark have all come from chickens vaccinated against salmonella."
The Food Standards Agency doesn't advise against people consuming raw eggs if they so wish.
"However for vulnerable groups (including the elderly) we suggest they should avoid consumption of raw/lightly cooked eggs because of the risk of salmonella."
Fair enough!

So who has kicked up the fuss, all of a sudden abut raw eggs in drinks that have been consumed for decades?

None other than the BBC, writing a space filling non story that will doubtless cause unnecessary fuss and distress to the cocktail drinking classes!

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  1. Well, our government is shut down (US) So we MAY be left alone for a little while while this bit of political theater plays out. How ever, Nanny has many surrogates ready and willing to pick up the reigns of constant hectoring and fingerwagging. Death is the only true freedom.