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Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Dangers of Swimming

My thanks to a loyal reader who alerted me to a rather "dynamic" story that unfolded in the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth recently, when two fully clothed police officers jumped into the swimming pool to apprehend a man in his 50's who had been shouting at some youths who had allegedly been splashing him.

After speaking to the man, police admitted that “no offence had been committed” and gave him a lift home.

The Telegraph quotes an onlooker:
A man did indeed have unacceptable threatening behaviour to a bunch of young boys who were splashing around him and potentially being a nuisance. 

They did not deserve the abuse the man threw at them. 

What followed was farcical – four police cars, an entourage of police and members of the general public filling every window available. 

We need to be much more supportive and open with people who are clearly distressed. 

At no time did I see him hit out. I fully believe this man would have been OK to continue his swim.” 
It is sad to see that as a nation, many of us (sometimes those in positions of authority) now seem to overreact at the slightest perceived provocation.

Calm down and chill out, life's too short to constantly be at war with the rest of the human race!

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  1. Lord of Atlantis12:11 PM

    Just when I thought I'd seen and heard everything! It takes 8 coppers to deal with one 50 year old bloke? I thought they were supposed to be overstretched and short of officers? No doubt if someone had phoned at this time to report a burglary, mugging or other serious crime, they would have been told that 'nobody is available'. I am sure the local residents and council taxpayers will be overjoyed that their local plod are using their resources in such a wise manner! I see no reason at all why there was any need to involve the police: surely, a properly trained lifeguard should have been able to diffuse the situation.

    "It is sad to see that as a nation , many of us (sometimes those in positions of authority) now seem to overreact at the slightest perceived provocation."

    ESPECIALLY those in positions of authority, Ken, especially if they happen to be clad in hi-viz, or 'employed' in local government, or the elf'n'safety gestapo!

  2. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I'm surprised that the elf'n'safety guys allowed the coppers to jump in the swimming pool!

  3. Tonk.3:54 PM

    We are the state, do as you're told or we'll 'ave you.....Can't you see my nice new hi-viz jacket of authority!

    It is ironical that, since Nanny has decided to clamp down on bullying, the Nanny has become the biggest bully.

  4. Lord of Atlantis11:06 AM

    I wonder if these same rossers would be so quick to enter the water if the scenario was a child who'd fallen into a pond or river and needed assistance? Or would they stand by, discouraging anyone else from assisting, and watch the child drown as they didn't have the correct 'training'?