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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Coal - The New Tobacco

It seems that the climate warming brigade have latched onto a new "evil" that contributes to "global warming".

Good old fashioned coal it seems is now in the firing line from investor pressure groups, which sell out holdings in certain resource companies that handle products that are deemed to contribute to global warming.

Christine Torklep Meisingset, Storebrand’s head of sustainable investments in Oslo, is quoted by Bloomberg:
Hopefully, other investors will be acting along the same lines. There could be an interesting parallel to tobacco.” 
There will be an uphill struggle to wean the world (especially energy hungry developing countries) off coal. In 2011, coal was used to generate 30.3% of the world’s primary energy.

Do we deny countries such as China and India the right to develop?

Shall we opt for less polluting power sources such as nuclear?

Wind, wave and solar are all very well; but they are expensive, and are not feasible in every country on the planet.

For the record, when I was ten I mentally designed a giant solar panel on the moon that would beam by microwave the energy converted to the earth via a network of satellites, which in turn would transmit that energy to ground receiving stations.

A brilliant idea, yet one that has failed to materialise!

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1 comment:

  1. Tonk.7:09 PM

    Ah, the apostles of the new false religion of climate change.....They won't be happy until we plebs are living in caves in the dark.....I see the latest sermon from these green apostles talks about the evils of laughing gas and how it is increasing global warming.