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Monday, October 20, 2014

Ebola Paranoia

Sadly the media scaremongering over ebola, and Nanny's kneejerk reactions to media pressure, have caused some people to become more than a little paranoid.

Jon O'Brien, of Turvey Bedfordshire, has told Sharnbrook Upper School that he wants his daughter to wear a face mask to school during the ebola crisis.

He is quoted by BedfordshireOnSunday:
"I don’t believe the crap the government are telling us in relation to Ebola so I emailed the school and said I would like my child to wear a mask.

I'm not going to wait for my child to catch Ebola I'm going to send my child to school with a mask and bloody goggles. 

I should be able to protect her and I will do what's best for her....

I’m not part of the 95 per cent of sheep that run this country and do everything they are told."
Whilst I respect his desire to protect his daughter, and the fact that he doesn't believe what politicians say, if ebola were running rampant in Bedfordshire wearing a mask would not be adequate protection.

Let us try to maintain perspective please!

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Mr O’Brien is obviously a fucking idiot.

    Does he not realise that given a choice between wearing a face mask and goggles in public, or catching Ebola; a young girl would opt for Ebola every time.

    How do these people manage to function on a daily basis?