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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nanny Hates Fags - Boris Bans Smoking

Nanny's war on the tax revenue raising weed continues unabated.

Step forward Lord Darzi author of a report published by London's Health Commission and, of all people, Boris Johnson.

The report ("Better Health for London") was commissioned by The Boris, who wanted advice on how to make London "healthier". The result being a series of extreme Nannyesque recommendations including:

- banning smoking in public parks
- banning smoking in Trafalgar and Parliament Squares 
- Oyster card discounts for commuters who walk part of the way to work
- a ban on junk food shops near schools
- traffic light labelling on menus at restaurant chains with more than 15 outlets.

Farking bollocks!

Nanny can fark right off!

My advice to Boris and Nanny is simple, if you want to improve the health of London then ban cars and lorries as they are the biggest polluters of all!

Next I assume they will ban people smoking in their own gardens!

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  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    From what I heard on TV, Boris will only consider a ban if there is a clear benefit to health. It appears that for once, he is not fully backing the anti-smoking fanatics.

    But a ban will certainly come into effect. That is the problem with fanatics. They do not simply go away when defeated. One nutter on telly today voiced the opinion that it was ‘horrible’ to have to walk through clouds of tobacco smoke………………… a park.

    Anyone intelligent would realise that being in either Trafalgar Square, or Parliament Square and being surrounded by the constant diesel and petrol fumes emitted by the never ending traffic jam around these places, that banning smoking in a hope for cleaner air is quite futile.

  2. Tonk.2:01 PM

    I wonder what it is about human beings that makes them feel a need to control others and force their views and lifestyles onto others?

    I don't smoke myself, never have but, I would not want to force my lifestyle choice onto others whether it may be for their own good or not.....Who am I to judge.

    I feel we give way too much weight to these single issue groups. They're closing in on the drinkers and eaters now: Which perfectly legal behaviour will they try to ban next?

  3. yes agreeing with above - the interview with boris I saw on the news showed him talking very much against a ban unless it can be proven that there is a huge effect on public health! He said it seemed silly to ban something that is legal in such wide open spaces and that he would not be supporting the report - was nice to see someone talking sense tbh.