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Monday, March 09, 2015

Booze Matters - Elderly Men Enjoy Drinking

Oh dear, Nanny is obsessing about how much we are drinking again.

This time her attention is focused on British men over 65 who, shock horror probe, drink every or "almost" everyday of the week!

So farking what?

"Research", led by academics at University College London, shows that men effectively grow out of binge drinking early in their adult lives; only to increase the frequency of their alcohol consumption as they get older.
The study concludes that daily/frequent drinking is the most common pattern of alcohol consumption among elderly men overall.

Dr Annie Britton, a senior lecturer in epidemiology and lead author, is quoted by the Telegraph:
We have shown that people change the way they consume alcohol as they age, and as such, studies reliant on a single measure of alcohol intake are likely to be biased. 

It is essential that the dynamic nature of exposure to alcohol over the life span is incorporated into the estimates of harm.

I wasn't shocked to see that alcohol volume changes over the life course, but the high proportion of older men drinking daily is a bit alarming. 

It raises concerns that they are becoming dependent on alcohol and there are risks in this age group mixing alcohol with medications.”
It doesn't farking matter, no one is immortal we are all going to die. Let the elderly enjoy what remains of their lives, instead of hectoring them!

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  1. Tonk.5:46 PM

    I would have thought that Nanny would be encouraging us to drink more.....If we are all at such a risk because we may drink a pint most days of the week, I would have thought Nanny would have been pleased because:-
    a) She's getting all that duty...Kerching
    b) She would not have to keep paying our pensions for so long because, after all, it is the welfare which we oldies receive which is causing all the nation's problems isn't it?

    Note to Nanny:
    The vast majority of elderly people, including myself, have paid in to the pot for many decades with very little in return.....We did not have access to huge benefits when we were young; we didn't even get child benefit for our first born....Having only had one child, I got nothing. Atleast before child benefit/family allowance came in, I had some tax relief for my child.....I also lost my married man's tax allowance not long after that, even though my wife did not work because I wanted her to look after our child and our home.....Oh, and we also lost MIRAS too.

    Nanny.....Just mind your own business and leave us be.....My generation don't need you nor want you.

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM