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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Booze Matters - Teach Your Kids To Drink

A study carried out by an American university has concluded that kids who have tried booze by the age of 11 were five times more likely to have had a full drink within a couple of years, and four times more likely to have binged or been drunk than peers who had not tasted alcohol at an early age.

Thus the researchers have warned about the dangers of American parents adopting the "European model" of introducing kids to alcohol.

All very well and prissy. However, there are two points:

1 European kids have been drinking booze with their parents since time began, yet Europe is not awash with binge drinkers.

2 The American definition of "binge" is in fact half a lager shandy.

Suffice to say, the conclusions of this "research" should be ignored!

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  1. Tonk.2:50 PM

    Growing up in the Fifties and early Sixties, I can remember the family going to a seaside or country pub, sitting in the garden and my father letting me have a sip of his beer.....I never went on to be an alcoholic nor did I ever binge drink.

    It is my opinion that, by making alcohol a forbidden fruit, it makes it even more attractive to youngsters....One clear cut way to get kids to do something, is to tell them not to do it.

    I used to go in the pub when I was fourteen and was left alone because I was not rowdy nor wanted to cause trouble and, to be honest, if I had been so inclined, the mature males in the pub would have put me straight.

  2. Expat in Canada1:45 AM

    I recall when I was a young lad of around 12, I went on a school trip to Paris. This would have been in 1960. We stayed at a high class French Lycée in the Latin Quarter and at the first meal, out came the vin ordinaire. We looked nervously at our teachers, who just shrugged and said that if we were French élèves, we would be drinking this at every meal. When in Rome (or Paris) ....

    Imagine British teachers doing that nowadays. BTW, I did not grow up to be a binge drinker (even as an engineering student) or an alcoholic. I just enjoy a good craft beer, single malt scotch or bottle of plonk.