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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kids Learn By Example

It is a sad reflection of society, that many are quick to blame children and young people for poor behaviour rather than look to the reason/cause. However, whilst some kids are clearly gits no matter how well brought up they are, some doubtless pick up lousy behaviour from dick headed adults and parents.

My commiserations to the kids, parents and staff of St Andrew's and St Mark's Church of England Junior School ins Surbiton who were trying to enjoy a disco for kids aged 7-11 the other evening.

Sadly the behaviour of one idiotic father ruined it for everyone.

According to the Telegraph the disco had to be cancelled, and the kids escorted from the school, when midway through a father tried to break up a tussle between two children.

It seems he pulled the kids apart, started shouting and swearing then dialled 999 to tell the police one of the kids had assaulted another.

Police duly arrived, and had a word in the "shell like" of the father.

Scarcely any wonder some kids behave like barbarians, given the behaviour of some adults!
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  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I suppose it is easy to judge this guy as being a dick head for calling the police, but as we rarely get the full story, even from a newspaper like The Telegraph, then it is often wise to try to imagine scenarios which could have led to such bizarre behaviour.

    Perhaps this guy pulled the two kids apart, and then realizing that he could be successfully charged and prosecuted for assault, tried to ‘cover his arse’ by ringing plod before anyone else did.

    Perhaps he was frustrated that the school staff were unable to touch or discipline the kids in any way in case they were to get reprimanded for their actions.

    Or, as you suggest, perhaps the man was just a fucking idiot.

    Either way, it sounded like a pretty shit situation, and a sad reflection of the times we now live in.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:33 PM

    Why cancel the disco, though? That was unfair to all those who were NOT misbehaving! Surely, the correct approach would have been simply to ask those responsible for the problems to leave the premises? As the police were in attendance, if the culprit(s) refused to leave, then they should have been arrested, in my humble opinion.

    1. Tonk.2:42 PM

      Ah but My Lord, that is the commonsense thing to do and commonsense is not very common these days!