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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Councils Are The Enemies of The People

The Manifesto Club has warned that the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act is creating "a patchwork" of laws, with discrepancies from town to town, eg it is a crime to have an open container of alcohol in Cambridge.

Josie Appleton, director of the campaign group, is quoted by the BBC saying that the powers were "so broad" they allowed councils to ban "pretty much anything".
"The result is a patchwork of criminal law where something is illegal in one town but not in the next, or in one street but not the next.

This makes it hard for the public to know what is criminal and what is not."
That is exactly the point, Nanny and her lackeys on the councils want us so afraid and demoralised that we never do anything without her express permission.

As I have noted before, councils are the enemies of the people!

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  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    "it is a crime to have an open container of alcohol in Cambridge."

    So, here I am taking a jug of my home brewed beer round to a friend's house and I get a criminal record.

    What a totally and irredeemably FUCKED kind of a law is that?

    Richmond Mathewson.

  2. Zippgun1:45 PM

    Yes, but who was it gave them this power? Step forward the dreadful Morticia - Theresa May and her home office. More building on the toxic legacy of Anthony Bliar's "Asbos". Wait until she gives arbitrary censorship power beyond the stipulations of UK law on limits to free speech to the authoritarian jobsworths via her proposed "EDO's".

    This is one of many reasons why you should never ever vote for Dave's treacherous Tories - they are in many respects, just as bad/dangerous as Labour, possibly even worse. Extending, not repealing or amending the smoking ban, extending not repealing or amending the adult porn laws, giving more and more power to the EU eg the Euro arrest warrant....

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Well, Zippgun, as an unreconstructed Scottish Nationalist (in the sense that I know that the SNP are a load of socialist wankers, but I'll go on voting for them until Scotland become independent, and then I'll come out as a Salisbury Review type Tory), I've no time for either Labour or the Conservatives.

    The plain and simple fact is that in the "United Kingdom" what is happening is the long, drawn ot consequence of the Whig "Revolution" of 1688. The triumph of market forces over common sense. I honestly believe that the break up of the "United Kingdom" (which should never have been united under a Hanoverian-Whig junta) and going back to some sort of "first principles" - meaning starting with a set of written constitutions for all the constituent countries of the "UK", and continuing with the idea of small, minimal government (which idea is central to both traditional Toryism and classical Marxism!) is how we have to move forward from the horrible state the countries of Great Britain have managed to get themselves.

    I look forward, at that time, to returning to Scotland from my self-imposed exile.

    Richmond Mathewson.

  4. Zippgun6:12 PM

    My estimation of the SNP is they - the leaders at least - are a gaggle of international socialists cloaked in cod Scottish nationalism; just another group of the institution marching Frankfurt school drones churned out for the past 70 years by British higher education. Do you consider that's a reasonably accurate assessment, Richmond?

    Unfortunately the UK is more likely to become a non country, a mere province of the international EU empire of the corporations and a smug, bossy and totally unaccountable ruling Euro elite, than an independent country with its own written constitution and a limited state - the latter being very much what I would prefer.

  5. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Zippgun: I think that as a whole the SNP is a pie-in-the-sky, socialist heaven building party. But I do think that individual members are quite a bit more level-headed. I think that the "UK" really needs to be completely reinvented - and, ideally, that would mean doing away with all the political parties north and south of the border: but that isn't going to happen. So; I would like, first of all, to break the "UK" up into its constituent parts; and if that means sucking up to SNP and Plaid Cymru initially, then that has to be done. At the moment England is not benefitting from what is happening in either Wales or Scotland; and the last-gasp-of-the-British-Empire type of Pakistan-partition-all-over-again in Ireland has not helped anyone at all: just exacerbated religious intolerance. However, having split the "UK" up, the nationalist parties should be dropped like hot potatoes unless they can drop their commie agendas as quick as a flash and turn into parties determined to engage all interested citizens in their countries in drawing up written constitutions, and reinventing parliament and all the spider-like institutions, laws, regulations and so on that blight the lives of everybody supposedly in the interests of protecting citizens. Citizens who are properly educated and are prepared to accept full responsibility for their actions (instead of waiting for a nebulous "them" to do something) don't need protecting. What the British countries need to do is build meritocracies with minimal state interference, full constitutional accountability, and mutual respect for one another (while each of the constituent countries has a different history, different social mentality, and so forth; their independence should never be build on running down other British countries). Of course a meritocracy would involve removing the odd, half-cock monarchy, and, either, replacing it with the legal monarch (Francis II, the Jacobite heir) in a more absolute role, adopting an elective monarchy (as Poland once had), or working out some type of republic.


    1. Zippgun7:49 PM

      There really needs to be a minimalist revolution in education - which means the statist polemicists have to be got out to end brainwashing of the young to be obedient, priggish little collectivists.

      Presently I feel like Whittaker Chambers did when he left the communist cause in the late 30's - I'm on the losing side of "history" - that the ideologically driven Utopianists are now pervasive and largely in charge of the agenda, and the only way this will be brought to an end will be as a consequence of the horrors which will be visited on the western world due to the internal contradictions that ideology is built upon which will eventually overwhelm it and force the species to abandon it and return to saner ways. But the process is going to be very unpleasant and "we" collectively are at great fault (though not necessarily all individually - a few of us Cassandras having been warning of where it will lead for decades) for allowing these creatures to govern and control us with their Utopian projects. Unfortunately the lessons of the great totalitarian disasters of the 20th century have not been learned by many - ideological projects of social engineering and species perfecting using law/ regulation/government (involving massive levels of state power over the individual) and indoctrination continue to appeal - the old siren song, so beautiful, so soothing, so hard to resist - but becoming bewitched by it leads to catastrophe.