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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nanny Bans Running

Won't someone think of the children?

Nanny has banned kids from running the playground of Riverview Juniors in Cimba Wood, Gravesend, lest they injure themselves.

Interim co-head of the school Pam Wenban is quoted by the Telegraph:
"We have asked children to refrain from playing a particular chasing game in the playground as we have found the increasing numbers taking part has caused some injuries, including a fractured collarbone. 

We are concerned for the safety of the children and need to stop this particular game until we can establish a safer way for them to play. 

When the weather is dry and sunny children can run and play more safely on the school playing field."
You can no more "establish a safer way" for kids to play, than you can herd cats!

I take it rugby is not played at this school then?

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  1. Bloody women.....I bet it is a game mostly played by boys. Some women hate to see boys being boys and are determined to turn them into little girls, in my opinion.

    If kids are not allowed to take any risk whatsoever, how will they learn to be risk aware when they are adults?
    When I was about Eight years old, I rode my bike down some steps and hurt my nut....I became an instant farmer with Two acres so to speak however, I learnt my lesson and never did it again....It did hurt for a short while afterwards but no real harm was done.

  2. And they wonder why so many kids are fat these days!

  3. Lord of Atlantis8:39 PM

    PLEASE! Where do they get these people? Considering how much concern there is with children being obese and getting too little exercise, and spending too much time in front of a tv or computer screen, I'd have thought such activity would be welcomed. O.K there will be the occasional injury. So what? That's part of life's experience. When I was about 9, mum, dad and I went to Brighton for the day one summer. Whilst there I joined other kids in the paddling pool. Running back to join mum and dad I collided head on and at speed with another boy, knocking out a couple of my front teeth, whilst he suffered minor injuries, including cuts. Although I screamed the place down at first, I soon got over it and as time passed, in a way I came to regard it as a trophy of my childhood. Neither mum and dad or I nor this boy and his parents had the least inclination to sue anybody: the thought never entered our heads! This experience didn't stop me playing such terribly rough games as British Bulldog, which I enjoyed very much.
    Tonk: I quite agree with your comments!

  4. You definitely don't want to follow Lenore Skenazy at, it'd give you a heart attack from your blood pressure shooting through the roof and a headache as you bang your head against the table/desk/hand as you read about the unbelievable actions of authorities.