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Friday, July 29, 2016

Lord Ahmad - Nanny's Merriment Killer

Oh dear oh dear, I had hoped that the Tories were going to one day get over their Nannying fetish, sadly not yet.

Step forward Lord Ahmad (Nanny's aviation minister) who has got his knickers in a twist over people drinking at airports.

He is concerned that between March 2014 and March 2016 442 people were held after air rage incidents, this is a piss pathetic percentage when you consider that 8 million people fly EVERY DAY!.

His solution to this piss pathetic problem?

Stop 24 hour drinking at airports.

He says that he does not want to “kill merriment altogether” but feels that the current regime may not “fit for purpose”.

He wants to “look at” the fact that airport pubs, bars and restaurants can sell alcohol 24 hours a day because they are not subject to licensing laws.

Ironically Graham Stringer, a Labour MP on the Transport select committee, basically said that the idea is bollocks:
My instinct is that there are already rules and if people fancy a drink at the start of their holidays then why shouldn't they have one?
It sounds to me like nannying and I think he's looking for something to do. There are perfectly adequate rules to stop anti-social and drunken behaviour both in airports and on planes."
Here are a few reasons as to why Lord Ahmad is talking bollocks:

1 People such as Ahmad fly business/first class, as such they sit in nice lounges with access to free booze. The rest of the world has to use bars and pay for the booze, why restrict only the "plebs" rights?

2 People are flying 24 hours a day, and their body clocks are generally fucked. Therefore to restrict sales to only certain times of the day makes no sense at all, given that major airports operate 24/7.

3 Bar staff are trained to stop serving people who are clearly well out of their boxes.

4 There are already plenty of rules etc that can stop unruly idiots even boarding a plane.

5 The stats show that it is not a major problem.

6 Air rage is not always alcohol related.

Basically Lord Ahmad should shut up!

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  1. Tonk.9:14 AM

    Good grief! What will Nanny do next? Perhaps put a vegetarian in charge of whether airports can sell meat based meals? I hope this comment is not too subtle.

  2. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Perhaps, just possibly, Lord Ahmad is a Muslim. My experience over many years working in Islamic countries is that most Muslims either don't drink or make sure they do it in private (so only God can see it). As a Muslim he must, surely, be uniquely qualified to speak on getting sloshed in airports as he probably has never got sloshed in his life (or, at least, wouldn't want us to know that).

    Richmond Mathewson.