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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Don't Touch The Snow!

Headteacher Ges Smith at Jo Richardson Community School in east London has banned his pupils from touching snow.
He said the new rule has been introduced for health and safety reasons.

Speaking this morning on Good Morning Britain, Mr Smith said:
The problem is it only takes one student, one piece of grit, one stone in a snowball in an eye with an injury and we change our view.

The rules are don’t touch the snow. If you don’t touch the snow you’re not going to throw it.
He added that the snow also makes the children wet and cold.

Childhood fun and games (which are a method by which children learn to take bumps and knocks and interact with each other) are banned by Nanny and replaced by cotton wool.

This is neither safe nor wise!

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