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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, March 01, 2018

Cancer Research UK Weighs In On Obesity

Cancer Research UK has weighed in on obesity.

According to Cancer Research "obesity is the UK's biggest cause of cancer after smoking".

Cancer Research then go on to define a "healthy weight" by invoking BMI.

Well here are a few wee points:

1 Obesity might well be a "risk factor" (as indeed are all other things in our food, drink, exercise, lifestyle, cleaning products, genes etc), but it it NOT a CAUSE of cancer!

2 BMI as a means of identifying a healthy weight is bollocks, as everyone apart from Nanny knows.

3 Cancer Research, I thought, is meant to use its funds to research cures for cancer rather than preach against the obese.

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  1. The ad playing on the radio is offending. Political parties don't get my support or vote. Imbeciles.