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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Nanny Hates Chinese Takeaways

Our old friends from Consensus Action on Salt and Health (who now refer to themselves as Action on Salt) have taken umbrage against Chinese takeaways.

Action on Salt analysed more than 150 dishes and found some contained half an adult's recommended 6g (0.2oz) daily allowance of salt.

Main courses, such as beef in black bean sauce, topped the salty list.

Adding a serving of egg fried rice could deliver anything between an extra 5.3g and 2.3g of salt.

My answer to this is so fucking what?

Healthy people who drink liquids and move around will excrete any excess salt via urine and sweat.

Why does AoS take it upon themselves to interfere with people's lives, why do these people hate salt so much?

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  1. So the taxpayer has stumped up for these cretins to splash out on 150 Chinese takeaways? Astounding

  2. Does the interfering public health racket want to declare war on China? Political suicide is justified for such crackpots.

    1. It would seem that the May woman does want just that, toeing the EU directives again!

  3. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Yet again I'm reminded of a local authority in my neck of the woods which a few years ago decided to save the population from itself by issuing salt shakers with fewer holes to all the chippies.....

    Thank God that the bright spark who realised that CASH is not an acronym which exudes gravitas didn't rename it Action on Salt and Health and invite backlash from that bastion of probity, Action on Smoking and Health.

  4. But it occures to me that I only have a Chinese every 2-3 months. Certainly not weekly, let alone daily. So on that basis these whining minnies can take thier "advice", put it in a fortune cookie and shove it up thier arses.

  5. Perhaps the members of this obscure organisation hate the Human race as well as salt. Why is it not scrapped as in the "bonfire of the quangos" we were promised but never got...again,and again.