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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, March 08, 2018

Nanny Bans Work Birthday Cakes

Our old chums PHE have yet again stuck their haggard noses in to where they are not wanted. This time the object of their ire is the office birthday cake.

In new guidance, Public Health England said those who wanted to buy or make a colleague a cake on their birthday should look for ‘healthier alternatives’.

The advice includes a ‘toolkit for employers’, which provides managers with tips on how to help their staff eat more healthily.
The guidance said
Begin a conversation about how special events (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, promotions) are marked at work. Can “cake days” be shared, or healthier alternatives be provided?
PHE can fuck right off!

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  1. What happened to the "bonfire of the quangos" we were once promised. Past time for it to happen, like now, and no payoffs, all of them have failed miserably in their non jobs. As was once said, "For the love of God, Go!

  2. What a waste of £4 billion yearly tax.

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    People don't get fat by having the occasional treat. They get fat by constant and sustained self indulgence.
    On the news recently they were interviewing travellers who had been stranded in their cars and trains due to the snow
    They were traumatised because they had not eaten for a few hours, the buffet cars had run out of food and the emergency services had not come to their aid.
    I don't know how they expected the emergency services to get to them or what they were expected to do if they did get there.
    Deliver pizza and family buckets of fried chicken perhaps?