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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, March 23, 2018

BBC Repeats Cancer UK's Lie That Obesity Causes Cancer

The BBC is now repeating Cancer UK's lie that obesity causes cancer.
"Being overweight or obese is a growing cause of cancer in the UK while cases caused by smoking are falling, according to a large study."
Obesity does NOT cause cancer, it is a risk factor.

There is a difference between a CAUSE and a RISK.

It would be nice if the PR department of Cancer UK, and the BBC journalists could grasp that difference!

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  1. You want the BBC to enter the strange, to them, world of honest news gathering rather than every scare story some idiot can dream up?

  2. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I have given up with BBC news.
    The (anti) Brexit Bullshit Corporation have gone way overboard with their 'diversity'.
    Every presenter seems to be from one minority or another, but they all tell the same biased shite.