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Wednesday, April 04, 2018

NHS To Ban Sugar

My sympathies to anyone who has the misfortune to end up in hospital. As if it were not bad enough that patients are ill, and surrounded by others who are ill, they now have to endure Nanny micromanaging what they and their visitors may drink.

The Telegraph reports that the NHS could bring in a complete ban of sugary drinks in hospitals after more than a third of trusts failed to sign up to a scheme to cut sales.

Hospitals and retailers were given until the end of March to reduce the number of sugary soft drinks, milkshakes and hot drinks with added sugar syrups, to 10 per cent or less of all beverages sold across its sites.

However NHS England said that 80 out of 232 trusts have not yet joined the voluntary programme and warned that a ban could come into effect on July 1.

You see what Nanny has done there don't you?

The scheme is only voluntary if everyone joins it, otherwise Nanny will make it compulsory!

The fact is, hospitals are truly appalling places to be ill in; and if having a sugar kick, a fag or a nip of scotch helps the hapless patient get better, feel happier and out of hospital faster then Nanny should keep her nose out of it.

The Irony Klaxon Award goes to Professor John Wass, from the Obesity Health Alliance, who said NHS England was "leading by example when it comes to tackling obesity".

Errm..I don't know where he goes for treatment, but many of the doctors/nurses I have seen when visiting sick relatives are not exactly skinny!

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    My wife was booked for a tit job in an excellent private hospital in Madrid.
    She was told by her consultant that under no circumstances she was to change her diet, cut down on her alcohol intake or to stop smoking before or after her operation.
    She was told that a change resulting from doing any of those things would play havoc with her anesthetic needs and any anxiety would be detrimental to her recovery.
    When she asked why other doctors may give advice to the contrary, she was told that any doctor who said otherwise didn't have 'a fucking clue what they were talking about'
    My wife is in the best of health and now is the proud owner of a truly magnificent pair of gadungas.

  2. This dictatorial high handed attitude must stop immediately. Long suffering taxpayers fund NHS mediocre management.It isn't for little dictators to tell patients what they can eat drink or smoke.